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Natural Gas Processing and Treating

City Cat Oil Parts Supply has more than 50 years of expert process design and modular engineering experience, building and delivering gas processing and treating facilities. When combined with City Cat's broad family of midstream products and in-house knowledge, you can count on us to deliver a profitable project time after time.

Process and Treating Equipment

- High recovery cryogenic plants
- Natural Gas Processing
- Amine Treating
- Mechanical Refrigeration & Dew Point Control
- NGL Fractionation
- Condensate Stabilization
- Crude Topping/Stabilization
- Custom Designed Solutions

Removing Risk in Multiple Ways

City Cat Oil Parts Supply sources equipment in state-of-the-art facilities using industry best-practices and continuous improvement programs. Strategic inventory of key components combined with greatest knowledge in the industry, added predictability and speed to your project. We control schedule, cost, and quality so that you can confidently process gas sooner than your competition.