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City Cat International ISO Certified

The major strength of City Cat Oil Parts Supply is our ability to fast turn around time leading to significantly faster product delivery compared to our competitors. Efficient synchronization, communication and control over each process across various functions and facilities has rendered this possible.

Our staff has over 50 years of combined knowledge and expertise. Our products and services have earned us an impeccable reputation in the industry. We stock and distribute a large selection of new Genuine GE, as well as other leading companies for oil and gas production equipment, natural gas compression, and gas processing and treating.

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Quality Matters

Pursuit of excellence

The sole mission of our existence is to provide quality solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry on the cutting edge technology. We aim to maintain self evaluation for the betterment and excellence, and the commitment towards our clients to climb the success ladder.

The corporate culture at City Cat Oil Parts Supply abides by maintaining consistent quality of our products and services. Ever since our inception, the company has meticulously designed every process within the organization to achieve the highest organizational excellence and offer greater customer satisfaction.

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Global Expertise

  • Glycol Dehydrator
  • Gas Production Unit
  • Fuel Gas Skid
  • Coolers
  • Indirect Line Heater
  • JT (Joule-Thomson) Assembly
  • Gas Conditioning Skid
  • Horizontal Heater Treater
  • Vertical Heater Treater
  • Condensate Stabilizer
  • Two & Three Phase Separator
  • Wellhead Allocation Assembly
  • Sand Separator
  • Slug Catcher
  • Filter Separator
  • Reverse Flow Gas Coalescer
  • Gas Scrubber
  • Vent Scrubber
  • Heated Separator


At City Cat Oil Parts Supply, you will find one of the widest inventories of Oil and Gas Production parts available in the industry. Our extensive inventory guarantees you a fast turn-around on orders and lower shipping costs as you can consolidate purchasing and delivery from a single supplier. City Cat is unique in the industry as we are not just a distributor – we subcontract our manufacturing to qualified machine shops worldwide. This allows us to offer our customers many parts that are not available competitively elsewhere. We also can expedite delivery when required.

In today’s fast paced world, having the right part can mean the difference between “on-time” and “off-line.” You can rely on City Cat Oil Parts Supply to consistently deliver the complex machined parts you need to keep operations humming in the railroad industries. Our reputation in the industry is unparalleled and is a direct reflection of our dedication to providing quality products at competitive prices. Combine this with our commitment to integrity at every level of our business and you have the obvious solution to all your part manufacturing and distribution needs. City Cat is a wholesale distributor of complex machined parts to customers in the Locomotive. You can expect nothing less than the best in terms of selection, quality and service, without sacrificing competitive pricing or personal integrity.